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Dating Ukrainian girls: Exposing money-hungry whores

Some western men are worried about dating gold-diggers because they are looking for Ukrainian wives rather than money-hungry whores. Exposing gold-diggers is one of the most important topics in the dating department.

Now let’s see how to identify gold-diggers quickly.


Notice what she is looking at when she meets you for the first time. On your first date with a Ukrainian beauty, you must notice what she is constantly looking at. Usually, a gold-digger is always looking at your clothes, watch and shoes, because she needs to see which brand you are wearing. If she can see brands such as Armani and Hugo Boss, she knows you have the potential to be a treat, a trick or a sponsor. If you only wear clothes from Kmart and Target, then she knows no matter what you do, you must be very cheap and won’t spoil her financially.

first ukraine women date


Listen to what questions she is asking. On the first date with a Ukrainian woman, you must pay attention to her questions because her questions reveal who she is rather than who you are. A real gold-digger needs to find out two pieces of information very early: Where you live and what you do for a living (these two facts tell her whether you are a legitimate rich man). If you tell her that you live in an upper-class neighborhood and you have a successful company, then she knows you are the right guy to hustle.

man question ukraine


When you open your wallet to pay the bill, where is she looking at? Now it’s the end of the dinner date and you are going to pay the bill. As you open your wallet, where is this Ukrainian lady looking at? A money-hungry whore will look at which bank cards you have in your wallet. Before you pay the bill, some clever gold-diggers will even say something like, “Oh, you are 45 years old? I don’t believe that. You look much younger than 45. Can I see your ID card as a proof?” – She is actually trying to get you to open your wallet. When you take out your ID card from your wallet, she is literally looking at what bank cards you have in your wallet.


Ask her work situation and look at what she is wearing. Some Ukrainian women have good jobs, but some don’t. Those who don’t have decent jobs are more likely to be gold-diggers because they may want to use their vaginas to get paid by men. Therefore, you can ask questions about her work situation. If she doesn’t have a very good job, but she is wearing expensive clothes and carrying a designer bag, then you know her lifestyle doesn’t match her capabilities. Consequently, she is probably a gold-digger who gets paid by men that are attracted to her sex appeal.

wallet to pay men


Her heavy makeup also exposes who she is. Statistics show that beauties from Ukraine who wear heavy makeup are five times more likely to be greedy women that only want men’s money. According to modern psychology, when a woman has an agenda, she tends to wear heavy makeup to hide her agenda. As a consequence, when you see a woman from Ukraine wear heavy makeup, you probably need to know it’s a potential red flag.

women for you dating


Don’t follow your dick; follow your head. Most women aren’t good at hiding their agendas. In fact, the majority of women tell you who they really are very early if you pay attention. Thus, when you meet a hot Ukrainian stunner, you shouldn’t follow your erection. Instead, you must follow your head first. Only when you know she is a reliable lady from Ukraine can you start a serious relationship with her.

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