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Dating Ukrainian girls: Eye sleep tips

Today we would like to share a new concept with you – eye f**k. This term was coined by G.L. Lambert (the author of Ho Tactics). Maybe you don’t want to read his books because his audiences are women. Therefore, we want to explain what’s relevant to you now.


What is the art of the eye f**k? The art of the eye f**k refers to having sexual exchange with someone with eye contact. Remember: most men don’t have the courage to do that at all because they are just too nervous whenever they see an attractive girl. However, probably you aren’t one of them because you are already reading this article and ready to try it accordingly. We all know that most Ukrainian women wear makeup on a daily basis because they are just more feminine and are happy to look good for their men. Therefore, they have a huge advantage compared with western women who believe that dressing for comfort/wearing no makeup means they are empowered modern women. You can even read the comments under this article here so that you will better understand what’s happening.

sleet with ukraine women


How does eye f**k work? A typical Ukrainian lady won’t approach men proactively because she is more traditional than western women. Thus, she might want to bait a man and see if he is interested in her. That’s why she always wears heavy eye makeup – she wants to impress men so that men will notice her attractive, sexy eyes. When you look at her eyes, you must linger for at least 3 seconds, and then you slightly bite your lip. This turns the Ukrainian beauty on because now she is secretly thinking about kissing you – never underestimate women’s imagination! Also, please note that you must end the eye contact first because this action makes you look high-value. If you keep looking at her and she turns away first, she becomes high-value in the dynamics. Of course, during the eye f**k, you must smile in a sexy and subtle way in order to communicate the right vibes.

find ukraine women for sex


What if she is shy? Well, some Ukrainian stunners are very shy, so they may not be able to do eye f**k with you. As a matter of fact, when a woman from Ukraine is attracted to you, she may not even be able to look at your eyes because she is very nervous. But don’t worry about it – it’s totally okay because you can still find out whether she likes you or not: Usually, when a girl from Ukraine likes a guy, she moves closer to him, i.e. she finds excuses to walk towards him or stand near him at the party, even though she doesn’t look at him. If you notice a Ukrainian beauty who is always physically close to you, you should know that maybe she really likes you, but she is just quite shy. In this case, you can initiate a conversation and test her. If she shows you any indication of interest during the conversation, you can start the eye f**k immediately.

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