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Dating Ukrainian girls: Is it possible to get laid and get paid at the same time?

Yes, you read the title right – someone literally asked us this question, so now we are going to answer this uncommon question in detail.


Although your Ukrainian woman is quite unlikely to be a sugar momma, you can leverage her beauty to get paid. As a matter of fact, sugar mommas are as rare as unicorns on Ukrainian women dating sites because most women from Ukraine aren’t that rich. Having said that, there is another asset that actually brings money if people know how to leverage that asset – beauty. Indeed, beauty is very powerful: it can change the world, as evidenced by Helen of Troy who definitely caused a war. Therefore, now the question is not whether beauty can be converted into power; the real question today is how to convert beauty into power and money. Well, honestly, once you are dating a hot girl from Ukraine, you must take her to attend social events where you can meet successful men who are able to help you with your career. This works even better if you date multiple ladies from Ukraine because you’ll be able to take more than one hot woman to these events. In fact, if a rich man knows that you can constantly bring him hot chicks without his effort, he will be very happy to help you in various ways, e.g. he will probably drive his Audi to pick you up; you might be able to live in his house for free; he can even find you a better job which pays you better. All you need to do is to use your dating skills to get more Ukrainian beauties and share these women with him (or introduce these girls to him).

Dating Ukrainian girls fast


If you are truly open-minded, you can even use your Ukrainian wife’s beauty to help you get paid. Let’s say you are married to a Ukrainian bride and the marriage is very happy. Now you want to focus on your career and make more money. As a truly open-minded man, you can even ask your wife to leverage her beautyand “seduce” her boss, so that she will be promoted and bring more money to the household. When I say “seduce”, I’m not really saying your Ukrainian lady should sleep with her boss. What I’m saying is your Ukrainian stunner can keep her boss interested, but never sleep with him, because in reality, office affairsare extremely rare in western countries due to strict laws and regulations. That being said, your sexy wife’s boss is extremely likely to be a horny man (just like every man in the world). So, you’d better leverage that if you trust your beauty from Ukraine.

dating a hot girl from Ukraine


If you are in an open relationship with a lady from Ukraine, she should probably sleep with her boss. An open relationship is best characterized by the fact that both you and your partner sleep with other people at the same time. That means in this case, you should encourage your stunner from Ukraine to sleep with her boss so that she can ask for more from that guy who listens to his cock. Now she not only gets promoted, but also gets other opportunities to make extra cash, e.g. perhaps her boss will give her dividends; maybe her boss will give her extra bonus or other benefits.

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