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Dating Ukrainian ladies: What are the most attractive professions?

We’ve done a survey on our Ukrainian women dating website recently. Now we’d like to release the results and findings regarding what the most attractive professions on a Ukrainian women dating siteare.


The most attractive professions amongst Ukrainian girls are flight attendants, PR agents and models. Obviously, men evaluate a woman’s reproductive value by looking at a woman’s physical appearance. As we all know, flight attendants, PR agents and models are usually good-looking women who have excellent social skills. “I like PR agents because women in this industry not only understand social dynamics, but also have the intelligence to make money,” says Anthony, a 34-year-old American guy from New York, “These days it’s not easy to rely on one income in a marriage, so it’s better if my Ukrainian wife also brings money to the household.” As to models, there are many hot models in Ukraine because that country has many more sexy girls than most western countries. By the way, we probably don’t need to explain why flight attendants are attractive and charismatic because you have seen many of them already.



No matter how hot she looks in her photos, you still need to see her on Skypeas soon as possible. Some women from Ukraine upload very good-looking photos of themselves on their dating profiles, but as a matter of fact, they look less attractive than their photos. Thus, you would be well-advised to chat with Ukrainian women on Skype as soon as possible so that you can see what they really look like on camera. Otherwise, the hot “model” that you see in a picture can be a con artist in real life.



The most attractive professions among men are CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners.Actually, we thought maybe lawyers, doctors and psychiatrists would be more popular because these are considered as intelligent professionals who make a lot of money. However, nowadays the situation has changed because more and more Ukrainian beauties have realized that professionals such as doctors, psychiatrists and lawyers are trading hours for dollars because they are usually self-employed individuals. In contrast, CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners have the potential to divorce their time from their money, i.e. they may make money when they are asleep. That means many CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners hire employees to work for them so that their businesses can be automated. Better still, instead of working for money like lawyers and doctors do, CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners can even make their money work for them – they become investors and get paid automatically. It is clear that a growing number of ladies from Ukraine are switched-on modern women – they know it’s very important to marry someone who is rich and still has the energy to spend time with their partner. “My parents are doctors and I know how hard they work. When I was young, I rarely see my parents at home because they were always busy working. So, I don’t want to marry someone who has no time for his family,” says Anna, a 22-year-old Ukrainian woman looking for a western man online, “That’s why I’d like to date someone who makes passive income.”



Although some men are CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners, they aren’t necessarily rich. Interestingly, some men use the label “entrepreneur” to get girls because they think this title makes then look cool. Actually, a lot of entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners in today’s day and age aren’t wealthy as their income is not guaranteed. No wonder Gary Vaynerchuk says, “The fake entrepreneurship in this day and age is shocking. Most people shouldn’t be entrepreneurs because they are not real entrepreneurs. 98% of entrepreneurs today will fail because they are not doing the right things that suit themselves.” Hence, if you are a fake entrepreneur, please remove that title from your dating profile so that Ukrainian stunners can trust you.

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