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Green Lights That Ukrainian Women Give You

So, you meet a Ukrainian beauty. How can you tell whether she is interested in you?

Well, there are many green lights that tell you it’s on!


She maintains eye contact. If the Ukrainian woman maintains eye contact with you, that means she is a mature and confident dater who wants you. If you notice that she has confidence and dating experience, you need to know that eye contact is certainly a green light that she gives you, so you should make a move!

meet a smart Ukrainian stunner,


She can’t maintain eye contact. The first two ideas are conflicting. But let me explain. In the paragraph above, I mentioned “she is a mature and confident dater” – that means only mature and confident Ukrainian ladies maintain eye contact when they are interested in dating you – they want you to know that they like you, so that you won’t leave. However, if you meet a shy and inexperienced Ukrainian girl, chances are she can’t maintain eye contact because when a girl like that is attracted to you, she actually can’t look at you! She is nervous! She is wondering whether she is good enough for you! Yes, women from Ukraine who lack confidence and experience have difficulty in maintaining eye contact with sexy men, especially if you are a very handsome man! Therefore, if you know she doesn’t have lots of experience and is quite shy, then you must look at her so that she can’t look at you! And now you know it’s on.

meet a Ukrainian beauty


She is looking for excuses to touch you. If you meet a smart Ukrainian stunner, probably she will find excuses to touch you if she likes you. For instance, she says, “Oh, there is something on your shoulder.” And then she removes it from your shoulder. But in fact, she is just trying to find an excuse to touch you. A woman like that is probably a consummate seductress. So, if you are looking for a sexually experienced Ukrainian bride, you should keep her. In contrast, if you don’t like sexually experienced women, that becomes a red flag because it possibly means she has slept with many other men.

sexually experienced Ukrainian bride


She is making up stories so that you can touch her. An advanced seductress may say, “Oh, I injured my finger this morning. It’s only a paper cut, but I have to use a Band-Aid.” And you actually see the Band-Aid on her finger. But as a matter of fact, the Band-Aid is only her prop. What she is really doing is trying to get you to touch her hand. If you are remotely attracted to her, probably you will touch her hand and have a look at her “injured” finger. Anyway, when you touch her hand and she looks satisfied, that must be a green light.

stunner from Ukraine


Where are her feet pointing at? The direction of a person’s feet tells you what they are actually thinking about. For example, when you are talking to a group of women and one of these women’s feet are pointing at your direction, that means she is thinking of you. A classic example is when you work in the same office with a lady and her legs are positioned towards you, even though she is working on her computer, then that means she is sexually interested in you because she wants to give you a chance to look at her sexy legs (you will definitely check out her legs when she is busy working on her desk without looking at you, right?) This is especially true if she wears a short red skirt and high golden heels.

success with Ukrainian ladies.


She gives you compliments. If a stunner from Ukraine gives you compliments at times, it certainly means she likes you. She shows her interest by building a rapport which is less sexual. Remember: building a rapport is not a sexual thing, so women use this to hide their sex drive (thanks to the slut-shaming culture). Now you can make her chase you even more by breaking the rapport under the radar – you can say, “Oh, there is some mascara on your face,” and then you use your hand to remove it from her face, even though nothing is on her face. In this case, you are using a neg to make her chase you. At the same time, you are touching her physically. You are killing two birds with one stone. Congratulations on your success with Ukrainian ladies.


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