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How to Get Acquainted with a Woman

Greetings to our readers! We noticed that for many guys acquaintance with the opposite sex is not an easy task. Many guys do not know how to get to know a girl correctly. Their acquaintance with Ukrainian brides turns into a cheap farce or a deathly silence. So let's look at how to learn this business and where to start. As it has been already mentioned, some guys get their first acquaintance the hardest. Among friends, they can be the soul of the company, but when they meet wonderful Slavic beauty, they lose the gift of speech, or start behaving like complete hopelessness.

This is due to the fact that young people, while remaining obsessed with making an impression on a girl, miss two elementary rules.

Throw the thought out of your head that it is extremely difficult to please girls. It's just that some girls have a more active life than those who are acquainted with them. For successful acquaintance you need to set the right goal. Do not try to impress the girl you like, but help her feel comfortable, cozy and pleasant at the first date. Let's see how you can achieve these goals by reviewing the list of the most important tips that you need to follow to meet Ukrainian women. After reading the article to the end, you will learn how to achieve good results.

Therefore, consider main rules.

  1. Let the girl feel her peculiarity.

She is so good that you are can not but getting acquainted with her. Begin, for example, with such words: "I do not know why my breath caught, it usually does not happen to me. I do not get acquainted like that, but you are an exception. " The main thing - be a bit confused, as well as sincere and truthful. Show that it was not your plan to get acquainted, but you could not resist. Even if this looks wild and improbable, you should not care. The main thing is not to miss the opportunity to get to know her.
  1. Be yourself.

If you are shy, let you introduce yourself as a shy person. If you are an extrovert, and love to talk, do not hide this trait. The essence of this advice is to show the girl your true nature. Be natural, not preoccupied. Show that you do not complex because of this character trait, but you feel quite comfortable. In other words, you respect and love yourself.

Remember, only a person who is capable to love and respect oneself, can fall in love with others. If you hate yourself, then automatically you will feel hatred towards others, consciously or unconsciously. If a girl does not like this type of guy, it is better to look for another option to avoid disappointment afterwards, just stop being afraid of losing or making mistakes.
  1. Wishing to get acquainted with the girl, think about her feelings.

Help the lady feel comfortable. For example, a sincere compliment that a certain style of clothes or some quality especially suits her especially among other women. Only do not overdo with compliments, because such zeal can look like flattery.
  1. Offer your help.

Women like it when a man can offer his help. For example, let's use your phone or help you choose the purchase of some kind of equipment. You can offer to use a discount card at the checkout or give way to her place in a minibus or a cafe, maybe even in the parking place. Such an acquaintance tells the girl that the guy is ready for self-sacrifice for her own good.
ukrainian beauty
  1. While acquaintance throw out sex from a head.

For the girls there is nothing worse than the guy who swallows words, out of place answering questions. Eyes, behavior, hints of which give only one desire - sex. Stop thinking only about sex, and it will be easier for you to concentrate on conversation and your thoughts. This will help show your sincere interest in communication or relationships. Remember, girls like guys who listen carefully to their speech. So show that you care about her opinion and are pleasant to talk with her. Also see: How to Dress to Interest Ukrainian Women?
  1. Look closely before you get acquainted with the girls.

Find a minute to analyze the girl for "minor" details. For example: look at the people who surround her, how she behaves with them. The girl's body language, clothes, appearance can tell a lot more than you think. This will help you to outline an approximate plan for future behavior.
  1. First, think about what you will talk about with the lady.

It is impossible to plan the whole conversation, but you need to know about what you plan to talk about. Because when a guy approaches a girl and stands silently, thinking about what to say next, he will fail. Therefore, avoid asking empty, stereotyped questions, asking only to fill the pause, and also refrain from empty-handedness. Try to make the conversation interesting, informative (the observance of the previous advice will help you).
  1. Act more decisively. Acquaintance with girls is like the first time to jump into very cold water. If you think too much about the temperature of the water, you may never decide to jump into the water. But, as soon as you dip the water, it will no longer seem unbearable. The essence of this example - do not be shy to get acquainted. The more you delay acquaintance, the more likely it is that it will not happen.

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