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How to Impress Ukrainian women?

Sometimes the most minor gestures and details produce the most indelible impression. And vice versa: chic gifts and constant care often go unnoticed. And this makes the choice of a beautiful lady more and more often unconsciously and also for the first seconds of communicating with you. That’s why first of all you should learn How to Choose a Present for a Girl? And only then start thinking how to impress Ukrainian beauties.


order to impress Ukrainian women

Given these realities, the members of our online marriage agency have compiled top-12 simple ways to impress the girl. Nothing complicated, expensive or time-consuming is just a list of habits, comments and behaviors that will convince her to leave her phone number.



  1. Look into her eyes. No matter how tempting to look at her from top to bottom, especially if it is a "hot little thing", focus on the conversation and look in the eyes. Do not forget, if she catches your gaze on her chest at the time of telling how much family ties mean to her, you will be a real asshole in her eyes.
  2. Be well-groomed. Let's return to the fact that the girl has only a couple of seconds to put the first impression of you. What will it be if you are unshaven, in a crumpled shirt with sweaty spots and bad smell from your mouth? Yes, sometimes you don’t have time or desire to take care of yourself constantly and iron your clothes without any special occasion, but if you do this, you’ll get a serious advantage in the eyes of woman you like.
  3. Do not forget about gallantry. Do not try to think up something new, just turn to classic gentleman gestures: for example, help a companion to put on a coat. It's hard not to pay attention to such a gesture: on the one hand, it's cute and old-fashioned, and it's quite intimate, because it allows you to come closer, go into the comfort zone, and gives the girl to feel herself in the company of a stronger, dominant partner.

Another classic gesture: letting the lady forward opening the doors in front of her. And it will be appreciated even by the most feminist-minded girl, after all, courtesy and attention are read for him, you think not only about yourself, but about her. Sometimes it's damn nice to feel like a gallant knight, at least one pair of admiring eyes.


Make Ukrainian Women Smile
  1. Communicate with her friends. Considering the girl as a potential partner, you evaluate her personality and appearance, intelligence and sense of humor, and she in turn does the same. The primary factor in her eyes is your ability to fit into her social environment. Communicate with her friends, joke, impress them, and your will get advantages of this, because the opinion of relatives close to her is really important.
  2. Ignore your mobile phone. Nothing points to woman’s insignificance as the accepted call right during your conversation. Nowadays, more and more men think that during the date they can leave the girl in order to answer a call or get distracted by correspondence. So please bear in mind: it's impolite. It will not be superfluous to let her notice how you switch off the sound in the phone or completely turn it off: the girl will be sure that she has completely captured your attention, and this can not but flatter.
  3. Give compliments to the woman, but don’t fall into flattery. Try to be sincere and original, though for this you will have to think not to blurt out the banal: "you have beautiful eyes." Pay attention to her outfit, on the styling or on the delicate skin of the hands. And do not forget, compliments should be appropriate: do not say that she has an infectious laugh, if during the time she has not spoken to you, she never smiled.
  4. Ask her advice. And here we are not talking about your helplessness or ignorance. Ask her about what tie is suitable for this shirt, whether it is worth moving to another apartment or watering a cactus so that it does not dry out. It is extremely important for a girl to know that you are interested in her opinion.
  5. Be original. Of course, all the guys want to make a profitable impression on the girl. But even though you are striving for this, it does not mean that you have to do the same thing as everyone. Be yourself and try to be different from others.
  6. More often call her by name. The name is a magical thing. To one’s own name, any person is tender and gentle. Every time you say the name of the girl you are communicating with, she gets a subconscious satisfaction from the fact that she is not forgotten, that you communicate with her and feel her importance.
  7. Demonstrate a sense of humor. Sparking, but without malice. Joke, make her laugh, just do not try to be sarcastic. For this you should read How to Make Ukrainian Women Smile? But harmless appropriate jokes are necessary as air. People always reach out to whom they can laugh, have fun and carefree to take their soul off. Especially it is important for the art of flirting: fun brings together.
  8. Stay confident. Be confident, not self-confident or cheeky. A confident man is the dream of every woman. If you have this trump card, you will not remain unnoticed. Any girl will be proud of your attention if you show her your reasonable strength and independence, the ability to think independently and act decisively.
  9. Be sincere. Do not try to produce an empty, false impression. For example, if you feel that at the moment you are not able to say anything amazing, it's better not to torture yourself with a brilliant phrase and keep silent.


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