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How to Propose to the Girl?

If you decided to propose to your bellowed woman, but do not know how to do everything well and where to start, then our online marriage agency will help you to cope with this task. It will help to gather thoughts into a pile, and you will understand how to proceed further.
hearts of Ukrainian girls

Before planning a wedding, you should make sure not only that you love each other, but also to understand how similar your ideas are about the common life. Because if in the future it turns out that you want absolutely different things then breaking the relationship will be the most likely ending of your story. It is very important that your opinions coincide on such issues as:
  • Place of your further residence (city or village, apartment or house),
  • The time of appearance of children in your family and their number,
  • Planning of the budget and expenses (who will answer for this, how you will make decisions about large purchases),
  • How much money do you need for happiness and who will earn it,
  • How much time you will give to work, and how much to the family,
  • How will household responsibilities be distributed in your home and whether your attitude to life (eating habits, frequency of cleaning, etc.) is consistent,
  • The role of your parents and the second half in your family life.

It is desirable to find answers to these questions in one way or another. Mismatches even for a couple of points can cause serious problems in the common life with Ukrainian girls.
Make an offer unexpectedly
If you have discussed all of the above with your loved one, then most likely she already knows your intentions. Nevertheless, you need to try, that the moment of the offer of the hand and heart became for the beloved woman a complete surprise. So you give her unforgettable vivid emotions - and this is very important for the girl. Come to this moment creatively.
Pick up the ring
Perhaps the most difficult thing is just the choice of the ring. You can not buy it with your beloved, otherwise it will not be a surprise. And it will be very difficult to choose the ring. It is necessary to guess not only with the size, but also with the model. The ring should be beautiful and comfortable, because it needs to be worn before and after the wedding. If the correct size of the ringlet is easy to find out (ask your friends or mom, "accidentally" find out in conversation), then here to choose the right model is not an easy task.

Look at what rings your girl wears in everyday life. If she does not wear rings at all, then you should choose some very quiet practical model with one small stone. She is unlikely to appreciate the rings with weaving, relief, unusual shape, because she will need to get used to the ring. Let her start with something simple and convenient. Moreover, the laconic rings are very beautiful.

If a girl in her life wears many different rings, then notice their color, size, shape, style, and pick her something similar. It’s important to pick up the right ring in order to create some harmony with other decorations and the image as a whole. In this case, of course, it should be something to be distinguished from the existing ornaments. Also chose appropriate bouquet (What Flowers should You Buy for Your Girlfriend?) .Listen to what she says about occasionally seen ornaments and rings, from fleeting phrases you can understand a lot. In extreme cases, you can ask a mother or a friend for a help to choose a ring.
Choose a day
Some believe that it's great to make an offer on some holiday - birthday, March 8th or New Year's Eve. This approach has opponents. Here, in fact, the decision is yours. On the one hand, if you make an offer on a holiday, then for the rest of your life your girlfriend will associate this holiday with this important event. It's not bad. But many people want to choose a separate, seemingly unremarkable day for the proposal of the hand and heart, and make it special.

You can wait for a special day in terms of nature and weather. For example, when the first snow falls or when the real golden autumn and Indian summer come, or when the poplar fluff flies, or the apple tree blooms. And "tie" your proposal to the surrounding beauty and romance. Read also How to Get Acquainted with a Woman?
Select location
The place where you make the offer must be beautiful, romantic and memorable. If you do not have this in mind, then you have to look it up.
Write a speech
When you make an offer, you do not just have to ask: "Will you marry me?" It is necessary to tell the girl beautifully about your feelings for her, about what she has changed in your life, what she brought into her and why you choose her. Your speech should not be too long, the main thing is that it should come from the heart. If you are afraid that you can not say, write her a letter on a beautiful paper and give the envelope.
Celebrate this event
After the emotions are settled, it is necessary to celebrate the event together. Sit in a restaurant, have a picnic or take a walk in nature, watch the movie. Spend time the way it's nice for you.
Share the news
First of all, it is desirable to tell parents about everything and ask for their blessings. This is very touching even now, when the times of parent collusion regarding the future of children have passed. It’s better to tell about this event in person, and not by the phone, or even more with help of social networks.

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