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How to Win the Heart of a Ukrainian Princess?

UkrainianPrincess This article addresses the question of conquering the Ukrainian girl’s heart. So, if you are one of the many men, who have put this task in front of them, you are reading the right thing. Present article opens up the secrets of gaining a heart of any Slavic woman, on the case of some initial chemistry of course. With the following pieces of advice you will become the one, who can easily leave a deep imprint in Ukrainian woman’s heart.

One of the main things you should know about Ukrainian women is that they are big flirts. These ladies enjoy the game of a cat chasing the mouse and the mouse teasing the cat to catch it. Quite a familiar story if you recollect “Tom and Jerry” cartoons. These ladies are attractive and they realize they are desired that is why they won’t let you in their hearts so easily. You need to admit the fact this game is exciting, but you need to understand the rules to remain patient and finally succeed. It requires hard work to make feel Ukrainian girls special. The best and the easiest way to start your ‘siege’ is telling the lady you like beautiful compliments and giving her flowers and small signs of attention. Red roses are classical flowers to show what feelings are inside of you. Any flowers will do, just make sure you know her favorite flowers and that you do not go cheap. Otherwise, you risk losing her as she will think you do not think she is worth your investments.

Though actions speak louder than words, there is another saying that Slavic women love with their “ears” and it is definitely so. Ukrainian and Russian women like hearing nice words in their address and compliments are the best way to start with. Ukrainian ladies take big pride and effort to look beautiful and they would like their efforts being appreciated. Do not miss the opportunity to compliment, her looks, hair, perfume, she is wearing the becoming color of the dress, etc. Avoid harsh and very intimate complements like complimenting her legs, breasts, buttocks, etc. these are very familiar compliments that are allowed only for the men, who are in intimate relationship. If you compliment on her smile, she will smile wider back to you and this is the greatest respond you may get.

Another step you need to follow is taking care of the way you look. Your appearance counts! Especially at first stage of the relationship when the lady doesn’t know how cool you are and what inner qualities you possess. If you do not dress neat, no Ukrainian woman would like to bother herself and carry out a conversation with you. You will immediately get out of the list of potential candidates for her heart. If you have a job and earn descent living this is a great plus, since local women are looking for a family creation. No way has it meant they are looking for a bag of money, but a man, they can count to be supportive and caring for their entire family. If you need to slim down, do it, not only you will attract women, but will start feeling better. Make sure you have a fresh hair cut, shaved or facial hair is well-groomed and you smell pleasantly and your nails look neat as well. Ladies from Ukraine pay attention to every detail.


Repeat old-school manners and court your Ukrainian woman as real gentleman. These ladies notice everything and every your effort and sign of care will be added to your bonuses in winning over her heart. Put her needs before yours and you will be rewarded in abundance! When you invite her for a date, remember you are the one to pay for everything including her cab. This is the way things are in Ukraine and you do not wish to look a moron, right?

Patience is the key element when dating a Ukrainian woman – never think she will become yours after a first kiss. Never expect to have sex on first date either. If you get it, then the woman you are getting is not worth it, since she is easy-minded and you are not looking for an easy prey or a trophy wife, right? And to answer your question why these women are so looking for marriage and do not hurry up is that they are looking for soul mate!


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