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How to get a high-quality Ukrainian lady in a nightclub

If you visit Ukraine and would like to pick up some hot Ukrainian girls, you can do both day game and night game. In this article, you will learn more about night game in Ukraine.


• Meet Ukrainian women during the day and become their friend first. Let’s start from day game first and here is why: You can use day game to help you with your night game. Patience is paramount – When you are doing day game, you don’t have to get laid instantly because you should be open to the idea of meeting more female friends in Ukraine. Having more female friends is one of the best ways to get laid more often because you should never underestimate the power of wing women! Hence, when you do day game, you don’t have to project your sexual tension like a needy guy. Instead, you can simply relax and clarify that you are happy to meet some new friends in Ukraine because you are a tourist in this country. Most of the time, even if a Ukrainian girl you meet in the street during the day has already rejected you, she doesn’t mind having a new friend from an English-speaking country because that’s a perfect opportunity for her to practice her English!

girl on sex ukraine


• Train your female friends so that they become your wing women. Once you have got some female friends in Ukraine, it’s time to train them so they can be your wing women during night game. Make sure you add value to your female friends first. Firstly, you should analyze the motives of each female friend: Does she want to improve her English? Does she want to have a cool guy friend in order to look cool? Does she want your male attention just to get more validation even though she has a boyfriend? Any of these can be her motive. Secondly, you should make sure you can meet her needs. Therefore, she will be very happy to help you at night when you go to nightclubs to get Ukrainian beauties.

ukraine women nightclub


• Ask your female friends to enter the nightclub first. Once your wing woman is ready, tell her to enter a high-end nightclub first and you’ll wait outside the nightclub. When she enters the nightclub, she should approach a rich guy who has a table in it. It’s very easy for a woman to approach a man because as long as this Ukrainian woman is reasonably attractive, the rich guy wouldn’t reject her. Then your wing woman should send you a text message, “Tim, Table 2”. That means she is at Table 2 and that’s Tim’s table (Tim is the rich guy that she is flirting with right now). Now you show this text message to the security guy at the entrance of the nightclub and say, “My friend Tim has a table in it and he is waiting for me, so please let me find him now.” When the bouncer sees this text message on your phone, he has to let you enter the nightclub because he can’t afford to offend the rich guy Tim who spends a lot of money to book a table and brings them business. As a result, you are now at the rich man’s table to catch up with your female friend and you can approach hot Ukrainian ladies at Tim’s table – a wealthy guy never lacks good options and he is literally sharing them with you.

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