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How to tell whether a Ukrainian woman is attracted to you

Liking someone is different from being attracted to someone. A Ukrainian lady can feel attracted to an asshole, but she doesn’t necessarily like him. Now let’s discuss how to tell if a Ukrainian woman is attracted to you!


If she is more reactive to what you’ve said….When you say something, does she immediately respond to it? If she does, that means she is attracted to you because otherwise she can have a “take it or leave it” attitude. For example, when you are on the first date with a Ukrainian beauty and she has ordered wine before the dinner date, you can ask her, “Do you always drink alcohol when you go out?” If she begins to explain why she drinks alcohol, that means she wants to prove herself to you – she wants to let you know why she is not a crazy bitch/alcoholic. By contrast, if she seems to be indifferent, that means she doesn’t care (she isn’t attracted to you).



If she giggles and laughs at your jokes even though your jokes aren’t that funny…. Another indicator of attraction is her laughter. When you say something remotely funny, she still giggles and laughs at your jokes, that usually means she is attracted to you. That’s because when you say something not particularly funny and she still giggles, that tells you she is emotionally reactive to you – a positive sign!


If she does pretty gestures…. If the stunner from Ukraine touches her hair when she talks to you, that is a big indicator of interest. Another example is when she is fidgeting, she is either nervous or attracted to you. Oftentimes, when a Ukrainian beauty is attracted to a man, she automatically feels nervous at the same time, hence the fidgeting! Look at her hands – what is she really doing on the date with you? These small details reveal big things. Remember: a Ukrainian lady’s body language never lies.



If she tries to qualify herself for you…. When you ask her, “Are you an adventurous person?”, she says, “Yes” even if she is not an adventurous person – that indicates she likes you. When you ask her a random question that she can’t really answer but she still tries to give you an answer, that also indicates she is attracted to you. That is to say, any time a Ukrainian woman puts effort into you when she doesn’t have to indicates she is emotionally responsive to you.


If she keeps asking you questions…. If a Ukrainian girl keeps asking you questions, that means she wants you to keep talking to her. If she wants to get rid of you, she won’t ask you questions and will let the conversation die. So, this is a big indicator. Also, when she asks you questions, that means she puts effort into the interaction with you – she invests in you!



If she looks attentive and doesn’t leave when both of you are silent…. Sometimes a woman from Ukraine doesn’t leave when there is a quiet moment in which she should probably leave the interaction in the social context, that definitely means she is into you. The biggest indicator of all is the girl doesn’t leave! You may want to write this down! Please note that in this case, you must assume that this hot girl likes you, because even if she doesn’t like you, you will act more confidently if you assume that she is attracted to you, thereby changing the dynamics again. In other words, there is nothing to lose as long as you assume that she likes you. Let me put it this way – if she likes you but you assume that she doesn’t like you, you’ll start to act in a weird and creepy way; consequently, she will feel less attracted to you and will leave you.

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