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How to tell whether your Ukrainian girlfriend is faking an orgasm

Ukrainian ladies are very respectful, so if you don’t do it very well in bed, chances are your Ukrainian bride wouldn’t tell you. Indeed, women in Ukraine are polite and respect men; therefore, they are afraid of offending their husbands and boyfriends. That’s why sometimes Ukrainian women may fake orgasm in front of you. Now this article will teach you how to tell whether your Ukrainian wife or girlfriend is faking an orgasm when her body is underneath yours. (Disclaimer: Content in this article is for general information purpose only and should not replace medical advice. The author of this article and this website do not shoulder any responsibility if you take actions based on the advice here and have any consequences.)


• She moans like a porn star during foreplay stage. If your Ukrainian stunner moans like a porn star from the very beginning of the sexy experience, she is probably a good actress who can fake an orgasm later (and maybe she has done it repeatedly with another man previously). Normally, a woman shouldn’t moan too loudly when you are just touching her skin and giving her a good body massage.

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• She moans loudly after your ejaculation. So, you’ve finished your business and it’s time to remove the condom, but your Ukrainian beauty is still making some female music loudly. That could mean she is faking an orgasm. She simply forgets to shut the fuck up after you’ve done all your job. Therefore, this is suspicious.

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• You never felt the contractions of her muscles around her private parts. When a woman is having an orgasm, there are two possibilities: 1) The orgasm comes from her clitoris which is above her vulva; 2) The orgasm comes from her vagina which is inside her vulva. – These two orgasms can happen at the same time or at different times during one intercourse. In fact, if you are a reasonably sensitive man, you should be able to feel the contractions of her muscles in those areas when you are penetrating her slowly or at the very end of your ejaculation. If you never felt those movements of her muscles down there, that probably means she fakes orgasm every time when she sleeps with you.

Ukrainian ladies are very respectful


• Her face is quite pale. When you are having intercourse with your Ukrainian girlfriend, her face should turn a bit red (or at least pink) when she is having an orgasm because Ukrainian beauties are white women. Consequently, when you notice that her face is always pale during intimate moments, it indicates that she probably never has an orgasm and is possibly faking it every single time when she is intimate with you.

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• Her physical reactions aren’t obvious, but she tells you she has had an orgasm when you ask her. Sometimes men want to know how outstanding they are in bed, so they even literally ask their women whether they have had orgasm or not. Sadly, girls from Ukraine don’t want to upset their men, so they have to say “yes” in this case. But that’s probably not true if her physical reactions never look like an orgasm in bed.

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