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How to understand Ukrainian women

We live in a #METOO and #MGTOW era when men and women are divided by a new ideology that doesn’t help with the growth of attraction. Modern Ukrainian women are different from their grandmothers’ generation, so now let’s learn how to understand modern Ukrainian girls.


Never ask a Ukrainian woman, “Why are you single?” A typical mistake made by men is asking a hot Ukrainian lady, “Why are you single? An attractive woman like you should have tons of guys chasing you.” Most women don’t know how to answer a question like that, so you shouldn’t give them such an awkward moment during the conversation. If you already know this Ukrainian beauty very well, you may even want to ask her, “Are you seeing anyone? You seem to be fine. I don’t know why you aren’t dating.” This is also a difficult question to answer. Please note that for a high-value woman from Ukraine, being single is incredibly painful. (Women are validated by male attention.) Therefore, please do not add more pain to her life. If you don’t know whether she is single or not, you can simply ask what she did over the weekend or ask “What was your previous relationship like?” Then you will quickly figure out whether she is single or not based on her answers to these easier questions. Unless a Ukrainian beauty is not proud of her boyfriend/husband, she should be willing to talk about him with others. But if she wants to cheat on her partner, then perhaps she won’t want to talk about him with you, as she might want to have an affair with you now.

understand modern Ukrainian girls.


She also needs to find Mr. Right Now before finding Mr. Right. Not everyone can find the one easily, so some Ukrainian stunners have to date many guys before finding the one. Consequently, it’s very normal for a hot girl from Ukraine to hook up with random men who can fuck her good. This isn’t 1949; it’s 2019. Hence, if you aren’t her Mr. Right, maybe you can tell her that you are happy to be her Mr. Right Now. In fact, many Mr. Right Now’s can become close friends with their Ukrainian lovers, and there is nothing wrong with that. Some of these friendships can last for a lifetime, which is beneficial for both men and women. As a result, don’t assume that every Ukrainian womanis looking for a husband because women from Ukraine must be very traditional. Yes, some Ukrainian women and your grandmother share the same values, but not all of them! There are many younger Ukrainian ladies who are unapologetically seductive and want to spend quality time with men without compromising their own sexual pleasure, as evidenced by the fact that a growing number of beauties in Ukraine have joined hook-up apps.

high-value woman from Ukraine


It’s easier to start from a casual relationship with a Ukrainian stunner. If your Ukrainian girl is actually your fuckbuddy, that’s okay. If you want to convert her into a wife, that’s totally possible – it’s actually quite easy to change the dynamics when you want to change from a random lover to a life-long partner. On the contrary, it’s quite hard to change from a serious partner to a random fuckbuddy. Thus, you actually have more leverage if you are just her friend with benefits.

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