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How to use emotions rather than logic to get Ukrainian girls

Although every country has rules and regulations, emotions run this world. No matter you want to connect with a business partner or a Ukrainian lover, you need to know how to use emotions to make them want to choose you.


Why using logic to get Ukrainian women is a bad idea: This is how most men try to get girls – they show off their money and status; they vocalise their desires; they try to directly convince women to be with them. But that’s a big mistake. You will never truly impress a Ukrainian lady by telling her how much money you have or what a fancy car you drive, because those things will only work on the logical level – yes, she will logically think you are a good catch because you can provide her with more benefits in terms of lifestyle. However, she probably won’t love you for who you are. When a woman is with you for the wrong reasons, the marriage or relationship will end badly anyway. A logical beginning rarely leads to a positive ending in dating and relationships. A case in point is telling a Ukrainian girl who you know if you have powerful connections. Later on, you will realise that you have just encouraged her to use you for your connections. And that’s entirely your fault.

classic beauty of Ukrainian women


Why using emotions is the right way to go: Falling in love shouldn’t be a logical decision; it’s purely an emotional decision. If someone marries a person due to a logical reason, then they probably get married for convenience instead of love. I’m pretty sure almost everyone in modern-day society knows somebody who got married for convenience and then got a divorce after a while. Small wonder the divorce rate in this day and age is so freaking high. On the contrary, when someone gets married for emotional reasons, that’s a different story. When Celine Dion met Rene Angelil in the early 80s, her mother asked the 12-year-old Celine Dion to sing a song in front of Rene because her mother wanted Rene to be Celine’s manager. As Celine was singing, Rene cried because her voice was too beautiful. Then they fell in love and started a relationship after Celine turned 18 years old. Celine also said that she was in love with Rene because of their emotional connection through music. That’s why their marriage was hugely successful.

logic to get Ukrainian girls


Evoke Ukrainian women’s emotional reaction. When you are talking to a woman from Ukraine, remember to ask her this question, “If you can wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where do you want to wake up?” She will share her emotional feelings with you in her answer. Also, you can say this to her, “What if we go to New Zealand tomorrow?” Even if this can’t happen tomorrow, your Ukrainian stunner will feel that you are a spontaneous guy on an emotional level. Better still, you can even say this to her, “Your eyes are so blue. Just like the ocean. I really want to drown into you.” (You may say this to her while you are listening to Celine Dion’s Falling into You.) You can say this slowly and sensually. She will be turned on by what you’ve said immediately because that’s just so emotional and touchy-feely, which is a rare characteristic of modern men in today’s day and age when everyone is so busy, pragmatic and practical (and so boring as hell). Other strategies include: writing hand-written notes and cards for her; baking a cake for her; seeing a romantic movie with her and talking about it together after seeing the film; going to the beach with her and recording a video; buying her an ice cream and hiding a diamond ring in it.

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