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Mistakes Men Make when Dating Ukrainian Ladies

If you are into successful virtual dating with a Ukrainian lady and not looking to be fooled or become a victim of on-line scam, learn about the top mistakes Western men make when dating these beautiful on-line brides.


• Sending Money.

This is a big ‘no’. Remember, that any Slavic woman, who is asking money from you small or big is a scammer. There are two cases of money scamming, the lady will keep on taking money from you or will disappear after you send her the first sum of money. A serious honest woman will never ask you for money as she has much pride in her. A true Ukrainian woman even won’t consider you two in ‘true’ relationship before the meeting in flesh.

• Not being Prepared for a Visit.

You need to be ready for the fact that you will need meeting a woman in her home land before bringing her to your country as fiancé. This is the only way she would be able to obtain a visa to travel to the USA, Canada and many other countries. These are the requirements and you cannot do anything about this. If a woman is serious, she will be willing to meet you.

• Falling in Love with an Image/Photograph.

Do not focus much on the photographs of the lady you like at least before you get to know her better! Ask about the lady’s pictures that are on her profile how old they are. Even two years can change the lady’s hair color, figure and style that you may to like. So, be sure you ask your lady about all the nuances on her appearance ad it would be cool if you can video chat with her. Remember, you are not marrying an image, but the real person.

• Communicating to one Woman Only Making her the Center of your Attention.

Well, unless you are very lucky and you meet up the right lady right away, then it is a very bad idea. Still, there are not many people like that. You need to talk to many ladies to choose the right one for you. Statistics shows that only four percents of US Slavic relationships are successful. Therefore you will need to talk to at least 25 women to find the one for you, or maybe more. It is like winning a lottery. If it won’t work with the lady you are talking to, then you will get back to ‘zero’ result and on the contrary if you talk to many girls, you will have other variants. So think of it as a number game.

• Not Implementing the Proper Research.

Find a good trustworthy dating agency with good reputation. This will save your time and money and frustration from so wide spread on-line dating scams.

• Thinking she is just after Visa/Citizenship

Bearing such thoughts in mind, will you be truly interested in her? Unless you are interested in businesslike marriage then you need to understand a woman needs love and respect.

• Not Sending her the True Photos of You.

If you send her pictures that are Photoshoped much or are 10 years old do not wait from her to like you when she sees you for real. This can be the case or can be not. Be true from the very beginning and use the right photographs so that she has the right image of the way you look in daily life.

• Considering her a Trophy Wife.

Ukrainian women are very strong and understanding so never think they will be satisfied with someone who would dominate or control them.

• Not asking Her Questions.

If you are truly interested in a lady and have serious intentions, then you will be asking her questions. This shows much how interested you are and that she is special for you. So, ask questions and read attentively to what replies you get. And comment on them where necessary. Thus, you will get an interesting two-way communication.


• Lack of Back-Up Plan

No matter how long was your communication on-line, when you meet face-to-face things would be different. Maybe you even won’t like each other at first glance, so you need to have a meeting arranged with several ladies to save you from great frustration and provide you more options, just in case. We wish you progress in your search and omitting most common mistakes Western men do when dating Slavic women enumerated in this article.

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