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Seven signs that a Ukrainian woman wants to sleep with you now

We are all animals and our basic instinct is to survive and to reproduce. When it comes to human beings, nature only cares about our survival and reproduction. That explains why men’s sexual desire peaks when they are 17-19 years old, whereas women’s sexual drive peaks when they are about 35 years old: Nature wants to maximize our chance to have sex, so it encourages men to start doing it early, and stimulates women to do it fiercely before it’s too late to have children! Since women are just as horny as men, how can you tell whether the Ukrainian girl wants to have sex with you tonight? Now this article will tell you how.


Sign No. 1: You and this Ukrainian beauty are in close proximity. When you notice a lady from Ukraine at a party, if she finds an excuse to get close to you physically, that means she is probably interested in you. This is a good indicator when it comes to testing her interest. There are many people at the party, so the fact that she is constantly moving towards your direction possibly means she really likes you and would like you to talk to her first.

beauty from Ukraine


Sign No. 2: She reinitiates conversations. So, you’ve talked to her first and you two are talking and laughing together. You think everything goes pretty well. Now it’s time for you to introduce pauses deliberately and see if she reinitiates the conversation. If she begins to contribute more to the conversation whenever there is a silence, that means she is investing in you and probably she wants to sleep with you – this is a party where men and women are supposed to flirt with each other, so of course she can feel the sexual tension between you two.

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Sign No. 3: It’s late at night, and she is still here with you. It’s already after 12am and she is still at the party talking to you. That indicates this beauty from Ukraine is apparently very interested in you sexually, because she could have gone anywhere else, but she chooses to be here with you! As long as she hasn’t left, you still have chances to sleep with her soon.

ukraine in dating free


Sign No. 4: She finds excuses to touch you. When you are talking to this woman from Ukraine, she says there is a hair on your shoulder and she removes that for you, so she “accidentally” touches your shoulder. That probably means she is looking for excuses to touch you. Another way to test her is you playfully touch her shoulder or arm and see if she reciprocates. If she also touches you back, that means she is sexually interested in you and wants to fuck you soon. A sexier way to test her is to hold her hand and playfully pinch her fingers. If she pinches your fingers back, you know it’s definitely on!

Ukrainian beauties are white women


Sign No. 5: She gives you shit tests. Most women from Ukraine don’t play games with men. But we can’t find a better way to explain this sign, so let’s call it “shit test” for the sake of simplicity and clarification. When she says, “We can’t have sex tonight”, she is actually testing your reaction and see if you can be unfazed or not. In this case, most men can’t handle it because most men are beta men – they will simply give it up because this girl has already rejected them, right? But she is actually testing whether you are an alpha guy or not. If you give it up now, she will know you don’t deserve her attention. What you should do at this moment is to stay unfazed and say something like, “Of course we can’t have sex tonight, I know.” But logistically and emotionally, you are still moving the dynamics towards having sex with her tonight. As long as a woman doesn’t reject you verbally and physically at the same time, she isn’t really giving you a rejection. She is either giving you a shit test or just doesn’t want to look like a slut. That’s all. In fact, sometimes, you can even say this to her first, “We can’t have sex tonight”, and then she will even ask you, “Why can’t we have sex tonight?” But what you say on surface level should never match what you actually do in reality in this case. Ironically, you’ll build even more sexual tension and attraction because we all secretly crave what we can’t do!

Ukrainian stunner girls


Sign No. 6: She asks questions about your logistics. If the Ukrainian lady asks you questions such as “Where do you live?”, “Do you live alone?” and “Do you have roommates?” That means she wants to know your logistics and is planning on sleeping with you tonight. This is a huge indicator which tells you she wants you now!

women from Ukraine


Sign No. 7: She organizes her logistics for you. The Ukrainian stunner at the party tells you that her friends have all gone home already and she is still here with you, that means she has organized her logistics for you now. Another classic situation is she tells you that she just broke up with her boyfriend and her friends are all too busy tonight, so she is at this party alone. She is basically saying, “I want to fuck you now.”

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