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Should your marriage with a Ukrainian wife be a contract?

It is reported that the divorce rate in western countries is getting higher and higher due to the fact that everyone can get all the benefits of a marriage without getting married. That’s true because if you look at people in western countries, do you really think everybody has to get married in order to have sex, build an emotional connection and have kids? Definitely no! But when you meet a Ukrainian girl, how necessary is your marriage with her?


If you want her to stay in your home country for the rest of her life, you should marry her. Marrying a Ukrainian bride is absolutely, positively necessary when you want her to stay in your home country forever. A marriage certificate is essential when it comes to applying for a permanent visa for her to stay permanently. Without a marriage certificate, you will need to provide much more evidence to explain why she is your legitimate partner. In some western countries, you may not be able to get a permanent visa for your Ukrainian girlfriend without a marriage certificate.

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If you want to start a family with her, you should marry her. If having kids is a part of your future plan, then you would be well-advised to marry your Ukrainian stunner. Most Ukrainian girls are quite traditional, so they believe in marriage and children. That’s why if you want to have children, you should marry a Ukrainian wife who wants to look after children. On the contrary, if you don’t want to have children, then don’t marry her because it’s not necessary.

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If you only want to sleep with her, don’t marry her. It’s okay to have a Ukrainian lover who shares intimacy in the bedroom with you. Not every Ukrainian lady expects you to marry her. And not every Ukrainian beauty wants to get married. It’s perfectly normal to maintain a casual relationship with your Ukrainian woman. That’s just less stressful than a standard relationship which is a long-term commitment.

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Experts claim that a marriage should be a five-year contract rather than a permanent contract. Dating experts and marriage counsellors argue that it would be better if a marriage is actually a five-year contract. At the end of the fifth year, both husband and wife sit down together to see whether they want to extend the contract for another five years or not. That’s a very healthy way to monitor a marriage because the contract not only specifies the period of time, but also clarifies the roles, responsibilities and expectations of each person in the marriage. It is the best way to avoid a one-way street. This gives both parties opportunities to do some reflections and rethink the marriage, thereby improving their behavior and communication skills.

Ukrainian lady expects


If you can’t support her financially, don’t marry her. Every man has an ego. Although Ryan Holiday famously said, “Ego is the enemy”, we can’t deny that every man still has an ego. If being a provider to protect your Ukrainian beauty is important to you, you must look at your finances. Are you able to financially support her if she doesn’t have a job? Are you willing to give her financial support if she doesn’t want to work? Some Ukrainian brides expect their husbands to provide for them because they are very traditional – they believe that a woman should be a full-time housewife, whereas a man should go out and work hard. Therefore, you need to find out her expectations and blueprint before starting a long-term relationship with this Ukrainian girl.



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