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The classic beauty of Ukrainian women

The beauty of Ukrainian ladies is very well-known all over the world. But why is their beauty so classic and chic?


Ukrainian women see makeup as self-discovery. Unlike western women who are too lazy to spend time getting ready in the morning (they even read books on how to get their makeup done within 5 minutes), women from Ukraine are willing to invest their time in beautifying their faces every morning, no matter they go out or not. Even if a Ukrainian lady is a housewife, she is still happy to present a beautiful face for her husband to see on a daily basis, because when she makes her husband happy, she also feels happy. More importantly, a lot of girls from Ukraine consider makeup an artistic expression which involves vast expressive possibilities. In other words, they use makeup as a personality-enhancing accessory. As they use their makeup techniques and skills to enhance their physical beauty, they also feel more confident and fulfilled inside. That’s because the external beauty also influences the internal beauty, just like the corny saying “her internal beauty influences her external beauty” (the reverse is also true)!

classy lady from Ukraine


A sexually confident Ukrainian woman always wears lip colour. Psychologists did a study about women and makeup in East Europe last year. The findings are very interesting: Eastern European women who chose eye makeup as their most important makeup tend to have lower libido, whilst women who chose lip colour as their most important makeup tend to have higher libido. Isn’t that intriguing? Then psychologist found that both the pussy and the lips have collagen in them, so these areas have a higher concentration of nerve cells. That’s why a woman’s lips and pussy are the most sensitive areas on her body. When you touch a Ukrainian stunner’s lips or pussy, she feels a positive stimulus. No wonder Ukrainian girls find that soft fingers and warm waxes invoke nice feelings. As we all know, lipstick is a form of soft, warm wax that also adds colour to the area it’s applied to – these are pleasing factors.Famous entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu even used a lipstick to write a poem on his wife’s body. Small wonder lipstick is the first cosmetics product which was invented by human beings. Just as the famous saying goes, “Lips without lipstick are like cake without frosting.” Clearly, lip colour is a sexually confident woman’s fashion statement. Statistics show that Ukrainian women who prefer deep plum and brick red as their favourite lip colours are the most elegant ladies.

woman from Ukraine online


A classy Ukrainian lady never leaves her lip stain on a glass or cup. When you are dating a Ukrainian lover, observe the glass or cup that she has used – can you see her lip colour on the edge of the glass or cup? If you can, that means this lady isn’t a classy lady, because a truly classy lady from Ukraine doesn’t use low-quality lipstick like that. This is a fun way to find out whether your Ukrainian woman is a high-value woman or a cheap, basic bitch! I know this statement is blunt, but the truth is usually ugly.


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