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Top 9 books that you should read if you want to date Ukrainian women

Reading is the most empowering activity that you can do if you want to be an alpha man. If the cliché says knowledge is power, I would say utilizing knowledge is charm. Here is a list of books that you must read if you’d like to be successful with Ukrainian women.


1. 48 Laws of Power (by Robert Greene) Robert Greene is the world’s No. 1 realist who writes books about power, seduction and strategies in a very honest and candid way. Robert Greene had had over 80 jobs before he became a professional writer, which gave him the insight into human nature and life. Therefore, you should totally check out Robert’s book if you want to be an attractive individual in general. As Frank Underwood famously said, “Sex is about power.” So if you want to have a sexy relationship with a Ukrainian woman, this book is my No. 1 recommendation.

48 Laws of Power


2. The Art of Seduction (by Robert Greene) Another powerful book written by Robert Greene. This book teaches you exactly what to do and what to say in order to get the hottest women in the world. The only downside is there are too many historic stories in the book, so if you aren’t very patient or you’re afraid of being bogged down by long stories, you may skip this book and move on to No. 3.

Boundaries in Dating (by Dr. Henry Cloud)


3. The Game (by Neil Strauss) This book is the origin of the entire pickup scene on the Internet. It was published in 2005 before YouTube was born. It penetrates the secret society of pickup artists and teaches you a wealth of wisdom regarding what motivates women and how to get attractive women. It should definitely help you to get Ukrainian girls.



4. Sex at Dawn (by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá) This book teaches you the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality. As it deals with the evolution of monogamy in humans and human mating systems, this book reveals a lot about human nature and female psychology that you should learn. Human sexual evolution is the cornerstone of understanding women’s sexuality. So if you want to understand your Ukrainian girlfriend better, you need to read this book.

Sex at Dawn (by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá)


5. Rich Dad, Poor Dad (by Robert Kiyosaki) Ukrainian women want to marry rich men – they are the hottest women in the world, so they deserve to date rich and marry well (but they are not entitled). Therefore, you may want to learn something about money and business so that you will become wealthier. Your high value will automatically attract sexy women to you! In this book, Robert Kiyosaki teaches you how to divorce your money from your time, i.e. how not to trade hours for dollars and how to create passive income. You will also learn the importance of cash flow and investing. It’s indeed a classic book about personal finances that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad (by Robert Kiyosaki)


6. The Female Brain (by Louann Brizendine) This book is written by a neuropsychiatrist. You will learn why women’s behavior is different from that of men due to hormonal differences. Once you’ve understood the theory of your Ukrainian girl’s behavior, it’s much easier to manage your relationship effectively. This book has been recommended by many industry experts who specialize in international dating and relationships.

The Female Brain (by Louann Brizendine)


7. Boundaries in Dating (by Dr. Henry Cloud) The importance of setting up boundaries shouldn’t be ignored if you want to have a sustainable long-term relationship with your Ukrainian beauty. Therefore, you may want to check out this book on this topic. Another book that is also written by Dr. Henry Cloud is called “Boundaries in Marriage” which is also highly recommended. But you should start with “Boundaries in Dating” because this book is the foundation of other books in this field.

Boundaries in Dating (by Dr. Henry Cloud)


8. Fifty Shades of Grey (by E.L. James) Although this book’s target audience is women, you should read this book carefully and take notes because this book is your ultimate cheat sheet! In this book, the author reveals women’s sexual desires, fantasies, etc. You can’t learn it anywhere else! Everything is described in this book in detail, so you’ll have to make notes while reading it. Most men wouldn’t touch this book because they think this book is only for women. But they are so wrong! It’s so much easier to understand what women are dreaming of by reading this book. It will definitely help you enjoy a romantic relationship with a woman from Ukraine.



9. Gone with the Wind (by Margaret Mitchell) This novel is written by Margaret Mitchell, a very feminine, loving female writer from America. In this novel, you’ll learn what turns women on! Scarlett is attracted to Ashley because Ashley has his own life (his hobbies, ambitions, etc.) Every man is directly chasing Scarlett except Ashley. Therefore, Scarlett is thinking, “Men all want me. Why doesn’t Ashley desire me?!” So Scarlett begins to chase Ashley. Female psychology is analyzed in a vivid context in this novel. That’s why learning from fiction books is sometimes easier because you have more specific examples to learn from directly.

Gone with the Wind (by Margaret Mitchell)

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