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Top five lines that get you Ukrainian girls

In modern-day society, people admire movie stars and pop singers. But most movie stars don’t write the lines they say in movies; most pop singers don’t write their own songs. So, who you should really admire are those who actually write the lines in movies and those who create the music/lyrics in songs. Those lines make movie stars attractive; similarly, in dating and relationships, what you should do is to learn some useful lines and use them!


“I’m not sure whether we will get along.” What a great way to build perceived challenge! This is the most powerful line that you can say to a Ukrainian woman because it helps you in three different ways:

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1) It makes the interaction a man-to-woman conversation, i.e. now you are discussing your future together;

2) it makes you look high-value because you are assessing the situation and evaluating her in order to see whether you like her or not;

3) it makes her want to prove herself to you, which is exactly what you want – when the Ukrainian lady knows that you are a high-value guy with standards, she will feel more attracted to you, so she will begin to chase you. When she chases you, it’s much easier to establish a relationship on your terms.

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“I’m impressed.” As you are talking to your Ukrainian beauty on a date, she says something very impressive. Now you can use this line to increase your perceived value. When she says she enjoys reading and has read most books in English literature, you should totally use this line. Now in her subconscious mind, she begins to think that she should work hard to make you hers. Also, when you say, “I’m impressed”, you are paying her a compliment indirectly, so she can’t react badly to this line.


“Now you are my new friend. Tonight, your job is to find a girlfriend for me.” Use this line when you pick up a Ukrainian beauty in a nightclub or a party. This line is especially useful because:

A) She will begin to wonder why you friend-zone her first, so she starts to think, “Maybe I’m not hot enough for him? Why am I just a friend?”

B) She knows you are a single guy looking for a girlfriend, so she will wonder whether she has a chance to get you.

C) She hasn’t received any validation from you, so she will want to prove her value to you and chase you tonight. That’s the power of friend-zoning every Ukrainian stunner you meet!

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“You look dangerous. We’ll get in trouble if we look at each other like this.” Of course, you should say this line in a playful way. What the woman from Ukraine hears is, “You look sexy. We’ll have sex if we keep building sexual tension like this.” Don’t underestimate the powerful of Ukrainian girls’ imagination. Women are much more intuitive than men, so they know what’s going on. The fact that you say it in this way makes you look attractive because girls from Ukraine would associate such a line with a sexy guy in a romantic movie/thriller. Very adventurous and exciting!

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 “We can’t have sex tonight.” Unlike other dating advice which teaches you to be straightforward and directly communicate your desire to Ukrainian ladies, this line is counterintuitive. When you say “We can’t have sex tonight”, she begins to wonder why you can’t have sex with her tonight and may even ask you why! The best part of this line is it lowers her guard and makes her more relaxed. When a beauty from Ukraine is approached by a man (a stranger), her first response is fear. Therefore, you need to help her relax and create a soothing and sexy vibe. When the lady from Ukraine is completely relaxed, it’s much easier for you to keep escalating and get into her pants.

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