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Ukraine Dating Guide 2018

How to make a Ukrainian woman think about you all day

When you go to bed at night with your Ukrainian girl, remember to wear a cologne. So when she gets up the next morning, your scent stays with her all day. She has to think about you all day because a part of you is literally with her throughout the day.

Top 9 books that you should read if you want to date Ukrainian women

Reading is the most empowering activity that you can do if you want to be an alpha man. If the cliché says knowledge is power, I would say utilizing knowledge is charm. Here is a list of books that you must read if you’d like to be successful with Ukrainian women.

Beauty VS Brains: Do you have a preference in terms of dating Ukrainian women?

Beauty is common. It’s actually everywhere. No matter where you go, you’ll see attractive models on billboards. You will also see hot women in the street in every city. As Natalie Portman famously said, “Smart women love smart men more than smart men love smart women.”

Seven signs that a Ukrainian woman wants to sleep with you now
ukraine women for dating

We are all animals and our basic instinct is to survive and to reproduce. When it comes to human beings, nature only cares about our survival and reproduction. That explains why men’s sexual desire peaks when they are 17-19 years old, whereas women’s sexual drive peaks when they are about 35 years old

How to get a high-quality Ukrainian lady in a nightclub
ukraine women in travel

Instead, you can simply relax and clarify that you are happy to meet some new friends in Ukraine because you are a tourist in this country. Most of the time, even if a Ukrainian girl you meet in the street during the day has already rejected you, she doesn’t mind having a new friend from an English-speaking country because that’s a perfect opportunity for her to practice her English!

How to tell whether your Ukrainian girlfriend is faking an orgasm
ukraine women in relatioships

Ukrainian ladies are very respectful, so if you don’t do it very well in bed, chances are your Ukrainian bride wouldn’t tell you. Indeed, women in Ukraine are polite and respect men; therefore, they are afraid of offending their husbands and boyfriends. That’s why sometimes Ukrainian women may fake orgasm in front of you.

Dating Ukrainian girls: Exposing money-hungry whores
Ukraine free women

Some western men are worried about dating gold-diggers because they are looking for Ukrainian wives rather than money-hungry whores. Exposing gold-diggers is one of the most important topics in the dating department. Now let’s see how to identify gold-diggers quickly.

Green Lights That Ukrainian Women Give You
Free ukraine women

She maintains eye contact. If the Ukrainian woman maintains eye contact with you, that means she is a mature and confident dater who wants you. If you notice that she has confidence and dating experience, you need to know that eye contact is certainly a green light that she gives you, so you should make a move!

Dating Ukrainian girls: Exposing money-hungry whores
Online ukraine girls

Notice what she is looking at when she meets you for the first time. On your first date with a Ukrainian beauty, you must notice what she is constantly looking at. Usually, a gold-digger is always looking at your clothes, watch and shoes, because she needs to see which brand you are wearing. If she can see brands such as Armani and Hugo Boss

High-quality Ukrainian women VS low-quality Ukrainian women
free women in dating

Like women in every country, there are high-quality ladies and low-quality bitches. Luckily, the percentage of high-quality women in Ukraine is higher because most Ukrainian girls are gorgeous, intelligent, elegant, kind and caring. Now I’d like to talk about how to tell the difference between a high-quality Ukrainian lady and a low-quality Ukrainian basic bitch.

Should your marriage with a Ukrainian wife be a contract?
relax ukraine women

It is reported that the divorce rate in western countries is getting higher and higher due to the fact that everyone can get all the benefits of a marriage without getting married. That’s true because if you look at people in western countries, do you really think everybody has to get married in order to have sex, build an emotional connection and have kids? Definitely no! But when you meet a Ukrainian girl, how necessary is your marriage with her?

Top five lines that get you Ukrainian girls
who date ukraine women

In modern-day society, people admire movie stars and pop singers. But most movie stars don’t write the lines they say in movies; most pop singers don’t write their own songs. So, who you should really admire are those who actually write the lines in movies and those who create the music/lyrics in songs. Those lines make movie stars attractive; similarly, in dating and relationships, what you should do is to learn some useful lines and use them!


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