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What Flowers should You Buy for Your Girlfriend?

This is a classic situation that ladies are usually given flowers. They like it, it's easy for you to make her happy with help of small bouquet. But when it comes to choosing a bouquet, the puzzle begins: a man doesn’t know what to choose and is afraid to make a mistake! The professional team of our dating service has asked 350 women to tell which flowers in which situations are appropriate. And the expert florist suggested how to present them beautifully.
  1. Roses. If the girl is in a romantic mood (on the day of some saint Valentine, for example), then the roses are exactly appropriate. But you can make such a surprise even better. Gypsophila (small white flowers) is often added to a bouquet of roses, but it looks cheap. Choose something unexpected like green chrysanthemums - it will be much more refined. Yes, but it’s better to choose pink roses instead of red. Roses have always been a symbol of love and passion, so, therefore, give them if your feelings are sincere (or want to show them that way).
  2. Tulips. This is an excellent choice for a pleasant, important, but not romantic event. For example, she was promoted at work. Or she got the driving license. Tulips are elegant flowers. If there is time to prepare for the arrival of the lady, remember: they look best in a dense bouquet in a transparent glass vase. The stems must be cut so that the buds are just above the edge of the vase. Tulips are symbols of great, pure love and happiness.
  3. Lilies. Do not know what to choose on her birthday - choose lilies. These are real festive flowers. The main thing is to be sure that a girl doesn’t have an allergy. A classic option is a bouquet of a single color. Look for lilies "tango" - they differ in the abundance of colored speckles on the petals, which makes them even more suitable for the holiday. Lilies represent tenderness, interest, sympathy and admiration. But the smell of lilies is not to everyone's liking - so learn it from the beginning.
  4. Nothing. There is one case when the interviewed girls are not ready to receive a bouquet. It's about the first date. While you think that you are attentive and at the same time so unexpected, most young ladies will find that you are too assertive. The survey confirms: it's easier when the guy comes on the first date without flowers.
  5. Gerberas - this flower is a symbol of good mood, modesty, flirtation and mystery, so at the very beginning of the relationship they are the most suitable.
  6. Carnations are a symbol of enthusiasm, loyalty and honor. In fact, they symbolize women's love and it’s better give them to a man. But there will be no mistakes if the guy gives these flowers to woman he likes. (Read How to Dress to Interest Ukrainian Women?)
  7. Orchids - this cheap flower is the embodiment of love of an intimate nature, charm, lightness and a transcendental dream.
  8. Irises and chrysanthemums are universal flowers - they can be safely given for any occasion. Irises embody trust, hope, faith, wisdom, and chrysanthemums - rest, fun, good mood and love.
  9. Pansies will be an ideal gift for a girl you miss. This is a kind of "air kiss" for your chosen one.
  10. Chamomiles embody youth, innocence and romance.
Initially, in the course of communication, you can always ask what types pf flowers the girl prefers. Then it's easier to make her a pleasant surprise. Now, some words about color scheme.
  • White color is the embodiment of youth, purity, innocence.
  • Red color is quite active, symbolizing fervent love, life, celebration, fire. Flowers of this color express passion more than love.
  • Yellow color is often associated with separation, but in fact it is the color of the sun, joy, love of life (just in case you need to know this).
  • Pink flowers mean gentle love and awe. The given color is universal and it is possible to give in this case to the lady of any age.
  • Orange flowers symbolize happiness, holiday, wealth, harvest.
How to give, how to choose?
Flowers are usually given with a soul, but every time a pickup artist develops his own style. It is clear that you need to choose fresh flowers, without wrinkles and signs of dying. To bring a bouquet of flowers is the right way to win the hearts of Ukrainian girls, but if you want to impress the woman that is older than you, you need to read: How to Communicate with a Woman Older than You.

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