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What to Write Ukrainian Women in the First Message?

This is probably the most difficult task for every foreign man, to write the first message to the girl at our online dating service. Probably this is banal, but at first you should say “hello and how are you, let's get acquainted, let's talk. My name is Andrew (your name), I'm a great guy, let's talk about something, and let’s go on a date, if you want”. You’ve just got an example of correspondence and the first message, between a guy and a girl. Guys and men often wonder what you can talk to the girl after the very first message. What to talk about when you meet Ukrainian girls?
meet Ukrainian girls free

Only at our marriage agency you’ll have the opportunity to find the examples of correspondence, topics for discussion, questions that can be asked immediately when meeting girls online. Also you’ll learn how to behave with women, and what better not to talk after you’ve got acquainted, also you’ll find some useful tips how to communicate with a woman older than you. Sometimes the simplest ways to get acquainted won’t work with matured women. They are sick and tired of banal greetings and phrases and don’t want to talk with boring guys.

Bear in mind that all women hate to get messages with the inserted ready-copied text from the network.  Beautiful poems or compliments, which guys and men find on the Internet, copy and paste in the first message, really annoy women. You may be surprised but every girl gets thousands of such messages on the site. At first this seems sweet, but lately they even don’t want to read them, but just delete all the messages and almost never respond you. Therefore, the most important advice for starting the first message and for the correspondence in general, is not to use the copy paste in the first messages. It is better to write about yourself, do not embroider anything; it is needed to be as sincere as possible, girls and women will feel your frankness.

Nobody likes being deceived. Probably everyone has faced those unpleasant moments when after long online communication you’ve decided to meet online, but there has comes other person on a date. Or the other situation is that on the date here comes the same person as on the photo. But after short communication you’ve understood that she/he has completely different and even rude manner of communication in real life. This often happens. After online dating, you come to the first date, meet person in your own eyes, and you don’t recognize the woman/man with whom you corresponded all this time.

Nobody likes such situation, that’s why it's better not to lie and not to embellish information about yourself. Women really like sincere guys and men, who don’t hide anything, and don’t exaggerate for the sake of appearing steeper than the person is in fact. Any girl on our website just sits and talks to unfamiliar guys, mainly in order to get acquainted with an interesting person and start serious relationship. (Read more: what do Ukrainian women like about foreign men).

To find a close-minded person who will become your future partner, you need to make some efforts.  And when the correspondence starts with some banal greetings you lose your chances for the success.

Almost all men initially pay attention to the women’s appearance. So if the girl is pretty, then you will have competitors with a million men and guys. Millions around the world! Imagine how fast she should read and filter out all those not interesting to her interlocutors. In short, you need to stand out of the crowd. Otherwise, your first message and all your correspondence will not even be fully read. Therefore, it is better from the first message to tell about yourself. Let her understand why she should continue to communicate with you. It is necessary for a woman to feel from the beginning of correspondence with man that correspondence will be interesting and you’re a serious candidate for her heart.

The main thing you should remember is that you can talk about anything you want, any nonsense, but if your interlocutor will like it. You can be very smart, and talk about something special, but if there is no sense of ease of communication, then it will not arise the desire to communicate further. So the main thing is to think about how to make the communication comfortable.
online ukraina women

Here are some tips.

  1. Do not insist on communication if a person does not want to talk with you. Do not try to figure out what's wrong and why. Otherwise you’ll show yourself obtrusive and annoying. If a person, a girl, does not want to talk to you, then it makes no sense to go against desire.
  2. Do not rush things, feel the girl with whom you communicate. If you feel that here it is better to slow down, - then do this: just obey your intuition.
  3. What is better not to say at all, especially at the beginning of correspondence? Do not talk about your ex, do not cry and do not complain about life, on people, on modern girls.
  4. Do not aggravate the negative with your conversations. Avoid personal topics about politics and religion, about how everything is bad and what's going on. Communicate on a positive way, choose easy topics. In order not to bore conversations with negative ones.
  5. At the beginning, it is better to talk only about topics of common interest. Talk about what you have in common, which will cause the girl to have good and pleasant emotions or memories. Get easy and comfortable communication.

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